Holographic Discs Enhance Photon Emission, Increasing Metabolism and Lowering Cortisol for Effective Weight Loss

Author: Lee G. Woolley, MB, NP, CBP

Date: October 26, 2009

Article Review

8ight Holographic discs uses photons of light to help create an energetic effect on the body.

Other factors in the production of the hologram come into play however this article emphasis is on photon emission and how this aspect of holographic technology impacts the body.

The energetic impact on the body is in part based on communicating through the human body’s biofield 1 or energy field.  “The Biofield is essential to health,” notes Dr. Beverly Rubik, PhD, Biophysicist and Advisory Panel Member to the National Institutes of Health (NIH)2.  Dr. Rubik was instrumental in Chairing the committee that proved and coined the name Biofield and recognizing it as being critical to life.

The understanding of the biofield started with the work of Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, PhD, a German physicist in biophysics who was credited with the 1974 discovery of biophotonemissions 3 – tiny currents of light emanating
from living things. Dr. Popp proved that the body communicates with photons of light, which had earlier been studied by Terence Quickenden in Australia.

Dr. Popp also discovered that photons provided the vehicle for which information is transmitted within living systems.  Photons are light particles without mass. They transmit information within a cell and between cells. He showed that DNA of living cells stores and releases photons. He called this process “biophotonic emission”.

The intensity is about 10 times lower than regular daylight. To study this phenomenon he developed an instrument called a photon multiplier which could detect the glow of a firefly 10 miles away. DNA uses a variety of frequencies as an information tool suggesting a feedback system of perfect communication through waves which encode and transfer information.

Another fascinating characteristic of photons is their coherence. In a healthy state the emission is more coherent than anything that man has ever developed.

Quantum coherence means that subatomic particles are able to co-operate. These waves know about each other and are highly interlinked by bands of electromagnetic fields. They can communicate with each other. It is analogous to an orchestra where all photons are playing together but as individual instruments that are able to carry on playing individual parts.

Therefore, biophotonic emission is a perfect communication system that transfers information to many cells across the body and to other bodies.

Another important characteristic of biophotons is that they follow biological rhythms (i.e., daily, weekly, monthly and annually). In healthy individuals the biophotons are extremely coherent and in rhythm with the world. In seriously ill people (i.e., cancer) they have lost their natural rhythm and coherence. The lines of communication were scrambled and they lost their connection with the world. In effect their light was going out.

A study recently done in Japan demonstrates that the photon emission from the body directly corresponds to metabolism as well as to the rise and fall of cortisol levels in the body.

Aura emissions from the body can now be confirmed by using the advanced camera noted below when viewing the body in a controlled environment.

In Eastern thought, Life energy is commonly known as “chi”, may now be viewed in relation to the aura or photon view of the body.  This information could have a great impact in understanding the energetic properties of the body, along with the impact on health.

Using the advanced camera researchers were able to see the human body literally glows, emitting a visible light in extremely small quantities at levels that rise and fall with the day.  The body is shown to emit visible light 1,000 times less intense than the levels which can be seen with the naked eye. In fact, new studies are aimed at proving that virtually all living creatures emit very weak light .

To learn more about this faint visible light, scientists in Japan employed extraordinarily sensitive cameras capable of detecting single photons. Five healthy male volunteers in their 20’s were placed bare-chested in front of the cameras in complete darkness in light-tight rooms for 20 minutes every three hours.

The researchers found the body glow rose and fell over the day, with its lowest point at 10:00 AM and its peak at 4:00 PM, dropping gradually after that. These findings suggest there is light emission linked to the body clock, most likely due to how metabolic rhythms fluctuate over the course of the day.  Of particular note in the study was the decrease in cortisol levels as the photon emission increased.

Faces glowed more than the rest of the body, as noted in the following pictures. This might be because faces are more tanned than the rest of the body, since they get more exposure to sunlight.

Schematic illustration of experimental setup that found the human body, especially the face, emits visible light in small quantities that vary during the day. B is one of the test subjects.

The other images show the weak emissions of visible light during totally dark conditions. The chart corresponds to the images and shows how the emissions varied during the day.

The last image (I) is an infrared image of the subject showing heat emissions. Credit: Kyoto University; Tohoku Institute of Technology; PLoS ONE4

“If you can see the glimmer from the body’s surface, you could see the whole body condition,” said researcher Hitoshi Okamura, a circadian biologist at Kyoto University in Japan.

Research by German professor Dr. Konstantin Meyl, PhD presents evidence that scalar waves are present in nerve conduction and other body communication, including photons of light 4.  Biographic imprinting of sound and light, therefore, with scalar waves is the ideal communication method for communicating with the human body.

The vehicle chosen to communicate with the human body using photons of light, with the aid of scalar wave, are the 8ight holograms.

In 1982 a remarkable event took place at the University of Paris with a research team led by physicist Alain Aspect where they performed what may turn out to be one of the most important experiments of the 20th century.  Some believe his discovery concerning the holographic universe may change the face of science.

Aspect and his team discovered that under certain circumstances subatomic particles such as electrons are able to instantaneously communicate with each other regardless of the distance separating them. It doesn’t matter whether they are 10 feet or 10 billion miles apart.

This lead to University of London quantum physicist David Joseph Bohm, PhD, a former protégé of Einstein’s, to make the assertion that despite the apparent solidity of the universe it is at heart a phantasm, “a gigantic and splendidly detailed hologram”.

The three-dimensionality of such images is not the only remarkable characteristic of holograms. If a hologram of a rose is cut in half and then illuminated by a laser, each half will still be found to contain the entire image of the rose. Indeed, even if the halves are divided again, each snippet of film will always be found to contain a smaller but intact version of the original image. Unlike normal photographs, every part of a hologram contains all the information possessed by the whole.

The “whole in every part” nature of a hologram provides us with an entirely new way of understanding organization and order. For most of its history, Western science has labored under the bias that the best way to understand a physical phenomenon, whether a frog or an atom, is to dissect it and study its respective parts.

A hologram teaches us that some things in the universe may not lend themselves to this approach. If we try to take apart something constructed holographically, we will not get the pieces of which it is made, we will only get smaller wholes.

As a result of this insight Bohm believes the reason subatomic particles are able to remain in contact with one another regardless of the distance separating them is not because they are sending some sort of mysterious signal back and forth, but because their separateness is an illusion. He argues that at some deeper level of reality such particles are not individual entities, but are actually extensions of the same fundamental something.

Bohm is not the only researcher who has found evidence that the universe is a hologram. Working independently in the field of brain research, Stanford neurophysiologist Karl Pribram, PhD, became persuaded of the holographic nature of reality. Pribram was drawn to the holographic model by the puzzle of how and where memories are stored in the brain.  In other words, Pribram believes the brain is itself a hologram. 6

Pribram’s theory also explains how the human brain can store so many memories in so little space. It has been estimated that the human brain has the capacity to memorize something on the order of 10 billion bits of information during the average human lifetime (or roughly the same amount of information contained in five sets of the Encyclopedia Britannica).

Similarly, it has been discovered that in addition to their other capabilities, holograms possess an astounding capacity for information storage–simply by changing the angle at which the two lasers strike a piece of photographic film, it is possible to record many different images on the same surface. It has been demonstrated that one cubic centimeter of film can hold as many as 10 billion bits of information

The storage of memory is not the only neurophysiologic puzzle that becomes more tractable in light of Pribram’s holographic model of the brain. Another is how the brain is able to translate the avalanche of frequencies it receives via the senses (light frequencies, sound frequencies, and so on) into the concrete world of our perceptions.

Encoding and decoding frequencies is precisely what a hologram does best. Just as a hologram functions as a sort of lens, a translating device able to convert an apparently meaningless blur of frequencies into a coherent image, Pribram believes the brain also comprises a lens and uses holographic principles to mathematically convert the frequencies it receives through the senses into the inner world of our perceptions.

The universe is holographic7 and the atom is holographic, so communicating in scalar holographic form is the standard in nature.  Key elements in nature from the largest to the smallest line up as recently shown in an award winning paper published by Nassim Haramein entitled The Schwarzschild Proton8.  Nassim shows proof that protons in atoms have a black hole in the center that can transmit energy out and in and thus communicate with vast power in an orderly manner.

This complimenting of the holographic principle of communication with the body is backed by physics in the thermal sink area, research in the biofield area, photon communication, and scalar wave area.  In addition, machine testing in mounting research reports, are adding to confirmation of the operation of 8ight holographic discs as an important booster in maintaining a natural healthy body in our polluted environment.

Raising the energetic and electron charge in the body in a passive, non-invasive, delivery has profound implications on health at a time when health care is of utmost importance.

The human body generates different frequencies.  The body’s normal and healthy frequency ranges is from 62 to 72 Hz.  Disease reportedly appears when the frequency drops.  Examples are 58 Hz for the common cold and flu, 42 Hz for cancer.  By understanding this, holographic discs can be programmed to counterbalance the effect of lower frequency ranges, allowing the body to restore healthy frequency ranges and resolve its on issues.

The foods we eat also transmit energy, like holographic discs, and the energy emitted can be measured.  Processed and canned foods register near zero (0) energy.  Consuming this type of food tends to lower healthy frequencies within the body that can result in degenerative diseases.  Fresh produce, on the other hand, has up to 15 Hz, dry herbs from 12 to 22 Hz, and fresh herbs from 20 to 27 Hz.

Consuming foods of higher frequencies create an environment that helps prevent disease, bacteria, virus, fungus, cancer, etc.  The energetic effect of Holographic discs boosts the overall frequency of the body in the same way improving health, as noted here, and should be used in conjunction with proper nutrition:

The scans shown are done with BioExplorer in conjunction with a Spectralite’s biocoherence scan of the connective tissue shows the endocrine system.  The electron flow through the body is important in the energetic response and can be measured with this equipment used by research scientist measuring frequency ranges.

The before and after pictures clearly shows the body’a frequency amplitude being elevated within a couple of minutes by placing an 8ight holographic disc on the body.

At a Congress of Medicine, a talk was given on the basic regulation of the cells and on the communication of the cells with each other.  Dr. Hartmut Heine, PhD,  professor of Natural Sciences focused on comparative anatomy 9, in his decades of research work found that cells, for the purpose of communication, build up channels in the connective tissue, which, after having conducted the information, again collapse.  Interestingly, the channels have a hyperboloid structure for which no conclusive explanation exists.  The Spectralite equipment we are using for evaluating the effect of the holograms appears to confirm this finding.

The structure of the data channels, however, is identical with the one of a magnetic scalar wave.  Through the channel formed, which functions like a tunnel or a dissimilar formed wave guide, only very particular scalar waves can run through.  Waves with different frequencies or wavelengths don’t fit through the hyperboloid formed tunnel at all, thus the information transmission obtains an extremely high degree of safety from interference.

To the biologist, a completely new view is opening on the function of a cell and the basic regulation of the whole organism.  The information tunnel temporarily forms more or less a vacuum, through which only potential vortices can be conducted, and that, without any losses. From this example, it is becoming clear that nature is working with scalar waves and namely with magnetic waves.

One other point should be recorded:  The mentioned tunnel experiments in which speed is faster than light is being measured with very different devices, impressively confirming the presence of scalar waves.  But if scalar waves, which are faster than light exist, and other ones, which are slower, then it is obvious that such ones will also exist which propagate exactly with the speed of light.  Nothing would be more obvious than to equate these quantum structures with the photons.9

Another issue facing modern man is the fact that nutrients, which our body’s need are depleted from the soil and replaced with chemicals. 10 Bromides in food, fluorides and chlorides in water, other drinks, and products like toothpaste affect the thyroid neutralizing the normal effect of iodine and other minerals necessary for fat metabolism and other bodily functions. 11   Holographic discs are programmed to counterbalance the effect of the depleted nutrients by restoring the energetic signature of the nutrients.

The environment may not be changeable over the short term so only by restoring the energetic signature of the nutrients and correctly supplementing can the body override the destructive issues of the environment in which we live.  Eastern medicine has understood the energy side of the body for thousands of years, but Western medicine has disregarded this view until recently.

The operation of the 8ight holographic disc work using light and sound transmitted by scalar waves and both are interchangeable.  The biofield works as a carrier wave for the signals along with the thermal sink effect.  By applying these effects to acupuncture points, which signal acupuncture meridians the entire system can be influenced energetically and noninvasive for better health.  The more energized a system the more healthy the function.

The use of holographic discs, programmed correctly, has unlimited potential for boosting the body and balancing the biocoherence of the body in dealing with the toxic environment we live in.  The toxicity includes microwave radiation and the foods, drinks and pollution in the air.  The science of holographic signaling is new and will meet many distractors but the research will continue to build and soon the technology will be accepted worldwide.


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Masaki Kobayashi,1* Daisuke Kikuchi,1 and Hitoshi Okamura2,3*

1Department of Electronics and Intelligent Systems, Tohoku Institute of Technology, Sendai, Japan

2Department of Systems Biology, Kyoto University Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyoto, Japan

3Department of Brain Science, Kobe University Graduate School of Medicine, Kobe, Japan

Joseph Najbauer, Editor

City of Hope Medical Center, United States of America

Conceived and designed the experiments: MK HO. Performed the experiments: MK DK HO. Analyzed the data: MK DK. Contributed reagents/materials/analysis tools: MK. Wrote the paper: MK HO.

Received March 4, 2009; Accepted June 11, 2009.


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